Has it already been a year?

One year ago, I started this blog to chronicle our home building experience. At this point, we are looking at a summer completion date so hopefully I won’t be writing a two year blog anniversary post.

We are in that phase of the project where lots of things are being done, but it really doesn’t look like it. Photos of pipes, wire, and conduit in the walls isn’t that exciting and doesn’t have a wow factor in pictures, but is nevertheless an important part of the process.

One highlight is the completion of the firebox for the fireplace.


Based on the square footage of the house and the water flow from the hydrant, code dictated we needed a fire suppression system. It is now installed and will hopefully never be used.


The new trench for the water line has been dug.


We’ve selected a low-voltage vendor and they will start runs for AV drops throughout the house. We are also hoping the windows will be delivered this week for installation.