Final Post (maybe)

It’s hard to believe we moved in last summer. 2019 finished in a flash and 2020 is going by quickly as well.

My last update was rushed and we didn’t have a lot of good pictures of the final product. Luckily, MF Architecture commissioned the amazing Casey Dunn to take photos of the house, and it really showcases the amazing light-filled structure we live in.

Here are the exterior shots:

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Here are a selection of interior photos:

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Our gardens in the back are filling in nicely so I will try and add some photos over the next few days as well now that spring as come to Texas.

We’ve moved in! Sort of …

After a trip to Italy in July and a bunch of work nonsense, we are now living in the house! We still have a bunch of stuff at our old place that needs to get moved in, but we got all the essentials over here so we can start living here full time. Akash starts Kindergarten in two weeks so we felt it was important to get settled in the new house before making the transition to public school.

Akash really likes his new room and we are slowly getting all his stuff organized.


The walk-in pantry is fantastic and it is no nice to be able to put everything away and keep the kitchen tidy.


On the outside, the auto-court plantings are filling in nicely.


Akash has found that the hex pavers are great for chalk.


Plus someone finally bought the vacant lot next door so who knows? We may get to watch someone go through the same process we just went through.


As we get the rest of our furniture and art hung on the walls, I’ll post some additional updates, but it feels good to close the chapter on this project. I will also be able to get back to beekeeping next spring so I’ll be able to continue my blogging at now that I’ll have plenty of space for hives.

Thanks for following along with us on this journey!

Week 118 – Certificate of Occupancy

So after a very long process, we got the certificate of occupancy on Wednesday which means we can technically move in although in reality that is still a few weeks away.

We walked the house with the builder today and put stickers on all the areas that needed touch up paint. There is also still a lot of exterior work to be done in the landscaping but the interior is complete.

Speaking of exterior, the parking near the street has been completed and looks great.


The upper deck has all the trim now for safety.


All the entry planters are in and getting filled with dirt in prep for planting.


Hopefully we will be 100% setting by end of July and can throw one hell of a house warming party.

Week 116 – Front Planters

The steel for the planters around the front steps are going in. In addition to looking good, they are necessary for safety so there is less than a three foot drop around the stairs.


The barn door to the storage room have been painted.


The window tinting has been applied to key windows in the master baths.


A mirror has been added to the upstairs master closet.


Week 114 – We have a bridge!

After almost two months of non-stop rain, the weather finally cooperated and the bridge over the creek bed was finally poured. Here is the finished forms waiting on the concrete to show up.


Pour has started.


Finishing up.


It is such a relief to get this done. It was causing access issues to the house to finish up the final interior and exterior items.

The bridge didn’t cause all work to cease. The steel work painting continued.


The upstairs deck was completed including the stairs down to the upper landing area.


Landscaping work should start next week now that trucks have access. The interior AV work also continues to get wifi, cameras, and sound systems integrated.

Week 113 – Rain Rain Go Away

The rain has really been slowing down progress on the exterior items. Some progress has been made on the bridge but it is slow going.


The floating steps look great and are almost done.


Fence work continues.


On the inside, we have mirrors in the powder and guest room.


The deck railing continues and is about half way done.


Smarter Homes has started all the AV work.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the bridge can be finished up this week in between the rain which is in the forecast for at least the next week.

Week 112 – Steps and Stairs

We’ve had a lot of rain in the past two weeks that has slowed down the new bridge over the dry creek. It is finally getting formed up and will hopefully get poured next week.

Luckily it hasn’t slowed down the floating front steps.


The staircase railing wood has been added and it really looks amazing.


The vent hood cover was finally installed and was really the last item in the kitchen remaining.


The sliding barn doors to the storage area has also been installed.


Landscaping will also start next week depending on the weather. More rain is in the forecast so we will be fighting that as we try and get this house finished.

Week 110 – Rain

After  a long stretch of dry weather, Austin had a large amount of rain which has put a damper on the new bridge. This is a video just after the rain storm. You can see the water flowing quickly in the creek bed.

This is a few days later. The water is not as high but still flowing.


The install for the upper deck has started and is almost complete.


On the interior, installation of the wood on the staircase has begun. The wood and steel combination really looks great.


We have more rain in the forecast today but hopefully less than half and inch and it is supposed to be a fast moving storm. We need it to dry out to get this bridge complete.

Week 110 – Bridge Prep

The existing bridge over the dry creek bed is being removed and replaced to allow water to flow more freely during large rain events. The initial work has been started to pour the footings and then the bridge will be removed.


Landscaping and grading continue. The planters have been filled with rock for drainage.


The upper terrace continues to be graded and soil brought in. Holes have been dug for the fruit trees.


Here is a shot showing the bed around the back of the garage where the citrus trees will go.


The screen door has been installed on the patio.


The wine cooler has also been installed in the pantry which was the last major appliance.


We may get some much needed rain today, but next week should be dry and will allow the entry steps to be poured as well as the bridge.