Final Post (maybe)

It’s hard to believe we moved in last summer. 2019 finished in a flash and 2020 is going by quickly as well.

My last update was rushed and we didn’t have a lot of good pictures of the final product. Luckily, MF Architecture commissioned the amazing Casey Dunn to take photos of the house, and it really showcases the amazing light-filled structure we live in.

Here are the exterior shots:

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Here are a selection of interior photos:

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Our gardens in the back are filling in nicely so I will try and add some photos over the next few days as well now that spring as come to Texas.

We’ve moved in! Sort of …

After a trip to Italy in July and a bunch of work nonsense, we are now living in the house! We still have a bunch of stuff at our old place that needs to get moved in, but we got all the essentials over here so we can start living here full time. Akash starts Kindergarten in two weeks so we felt it was important to get settled in the new house before making the transition to public school.

Akash really likes his new room and we are slowly getting all his stuff organized.


The walk-in pantry is fantastic and it is no nice to be able to put everything away and keep the kitchen tidy.


On the outside, the auto-court plantings are filling in nicely.


Akash has found that the hex pavers are great for chalk.


Plus someone finally bought the vacant lot next door so who knows? We may get to watch someone go through the same process we just went through.


As we get the rest of our furniture and art hung on the walls, I’ll post some additional updates, but it feels good to close the chapter on this project. I will also be able to get back to beekeeping next spring so I’ll be able to continue my blogging at now that I’ll have plenty of space for hives.

Thanks for following along with us on this journey!

Week 81 – Landscape Grading

Now that all the scaffolding is down, the builder was able to get a bobcat into the backyard and do additional grading on the backyard which really gives you a better sense of the space.

View from the carport.


View from the 2nd floor.


View from the 1st floor sitting room.


The MDF panels that make up the interior center core of the of the house that extends up to the 2nd floor is almost all installed.