Week 60 – Skylight!

The skylight has been installed in the second story family area and it really brightened the room considerably.


Here is a picture of the front of the house now that the windows are installed.


We had a brief scare today when we discovered that Akash’s bathtub was full of water after two days of significant rain, but figured out pretty quickly they were doing a tub fill test. All the shower pans were also full of water. If all this passes, the plumbing should pass inspection and the electrical was inspected last week. If all goes well, the drywall will start in the next 10-14 days.

Week 58 – Windows Continue

This house has lots of windows so the installation will continue for the next few weeks. They started the windows that overlook the property on the first floor, and it is going to be impressive when complete.


The exterior brick appears to have started but I’m not sure if this small area was just a test run to confirm mortar color and brick pattern. Either way, the dark brick with matching mortar really looks great.


Week 56 – Window Installation

After the previous week of cold and rain, this week was mostly sunny which allowed the crew to start the window installation.

Windows were delivered and are scattered throughout the house. You can also see further buildout of the staircase in this photo.


This is one of the sliding doors in the guest suite.


The slide glass door from the flex room out into the backyard.


The sliding doors to the upstairs master.


Here are the windows in the upstairs family area.


Installation will continue for the next week or two and the 10 day weather forecast shows it should be mostly dry so hopefully no more weather delays until they all get done.