Week 100 – Stairs

The floating staircases were encased with wood this week.

The stair lighting was also installed.


Light fixtures continue to be installed. Here is the pendant in the guest house.


The tub in the upstairs master in finally in place.


All the AC units continue to be installed and hooked up.


It also seemed like electricity was on at least partially in the house as a lot of the lights worked. All the smoke detectors were installed as well and I don’t know if they put batteries in right before the move in date, but they were all chirping.

Week 99 – Plumbing Fixtures

This week we saw a lot of plumbing fixtures being installed.

The sink and faucet in the powder room.


The shower fixtures in the downstairs master.img_1874

Shower fixtures in the upstairs master.img_1879

Light fixtures installed in the upstairs master. Mirrors are being fabricated.img_1880

Kitchen sink fixture.img_1872

Toilets are also being installed in all the bathrooms.img_1875

Light fixtures are also being installed but a lot are still wrapped in plastic. Here is the one in our master closet.


On the exteriors, the ceiling heaters have been installed in the screened patio area.


Gutters and downspouts are also being installed.


The hope is to get the electricity turned on in the next week and also start the auto-court pavers. Cork flooring is also going into the kitchen and maybe even appliances.

Week 98 – Lots of little things

Lots of incremental progress at the house. The kitchen backsplash had grout applied.


The upstairs master bathroom tile is down and waiting on grout.


Here is Gitanjali and our builder picking grout colors.img_1805

Hardwood floors is pretty much done. Here is the upstairs master closet.


Upstairs master bedroom.img_1807

The outdoor kitchen had the black granite counter top applied with matching sink.


If it ever stops raining long enough for the soil to dry out, the black granite backsplash piece will also be installed.

The next two weeks should get all the floors finished along with the staircase including the cork in the kitchen. We should also get final electrical inspection so we can turn on power to the house and get heat and AC working.

Week 97 – Happy New Year!

It’s 2019 and progress marches on. We are in the home stretch and will hopefully be complete in the next 2-3 months.

Upstairs master tile is complete and waiting for grout.


Hardwood floor is done except for the upstairs master due to the tile work. Here is Akash’s room.


Here is the upstairs landing area.img_1779img_1786

If it ever stops raining long enough so the ground can dry out, they can start the auto-court pavers which would really help with all the mud and clay being tracked everywhere.