Week 25 – Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast this weekend and while Austin is well out of the main path, we’ve received lots of rains with periods of high gusty winds. I drove to the lot to see if we had any downed trees and luckily everything looked good.

The dry creek bed was flowing with water but wasn’t as high and fast as I thought it might be.


The top of the lot looked great.img_1672

Some of our neighbors across the street were not so lucky.


We are forecasted to have rain through Wednesday but the storm continues to weaken so hopefully the worst of the rain and wind is over.

Week 24 – Steel Framing

It has been a few weeks since my last post since the concrete needed time to cure before any further work could be done.

In the mean time, the site has been cleaned to remove all the debris from the pour and form work, and the steel beams for the walls have been welded into place.


The remaining beams and trusses are being fabricated now and should be done later this week or early next week.

Week 22 – Foundation forms removed

All the wooden forms have been removed and it now looks like we have the start of a house. Here is the view as you come up the driveway.


Akash was very excited to run around the slab.


Here is a view from the top terrace looking down.


Here is a shot to show the cantilevered slab at the front of the house.


It’s now been seven days so the concrete should be sufficiently cured to start the steel and wooden framing.