Week 40 – Moving right along

The house has been wrapped before the exterior finishes are started.


They have also started the installation of the flat roof material.


Inside all in the internal systems continue to be fleshed out including electrical wiring.



Akash’s bathroom is coming together with the shower niche framed out.


For the exterior, some of the bricks are onsite to start looking at the brick coursing.


The roof/fascia color was chosen using Berridge Matte Black on the left.


Things are moving right along. I expect things will slow down toward the end of December with the holidays, but good progress continues to be made.


Week 35 – House Envelope Starts

We are now at the point where the building envelope is being applied, and you really get a sense of the various masses of the house.


The mason blocks are being installed to create the firebox for the fireplace. Here are views from outside and inside.


From the upper terrace you really get a sense of the final form of the house.img_2235-1

Here is a view of the upper deck looking to the master. They have finally built it out enough that you can walk around on the second floor.


Here is a view from the upstairs master looking out to the upper terrace.


This is the upstairs master bath. The shower is on the left and the tub on the right.


Here is the view from the upstairs room that faces the street. You feel like you are in the trees.


It’s nice to see so much progress!

Week 34 – Framing for Windows

I skipped the week 33 post since it was just additional wooden framing that wasn’t so drastic that you could really tell in a picture.

This week, however, is a different story as the steel has been added in the framing in prep for the windows.

Here is a shot from the drive looking at the front of the house.


This is a shot from the kitchen looking out.


Mason blocks are in the living area now. I’m pretty sure these are for the fireplace box.


This is a shot of the garage. You can see the framing on top where the garage deck planters will go.


The framing on the second floor also looks complete and if I can figure out a way to get up there without killing myself, I’ll try and get some pictures.

Week 32 – Framing Continues

The framing continues as they continue to fill out the frame of the house. You can really get a sense what an amazing view the second floor bedroom will get of the live oak canopies.


Here is a shot of the back of the house where the second story master and bathroom will be overlooking the roof top deck.


Current schedule has another week or two of framing if the weather cooperates.

Week 31 – Second Floor Framing

I essentially took a week off from posting as the rainy weather minimized the noticeable progress. The rain ended early this week and the framing crew were able to make good progress on the second floor.

You can start to see the roof outlines of the second floor as seen from the drive.


From the upper terrace, almost all the decking is complete on what will be the deck over the garage looking into the upstairs master suite.


You can really get a sense of the entire structure now that most of the second floor is framed out.


Here is a shot from the other side of the upper terrace.


If the weather continues to cooperate, all the framing should be complete in the next two to three weeks.

Week 29 – Second Floor Decking

Subtle progress has been made since last week and the first floor framing was filled out and the second floor decking was started.

Decking has been added to the second floor area in prep for framing.


Here is a shot from the upper terrace that more clearly shows the decking.


Here is the view that shows the entire footprint.


Next week should be more of the same as they complete the decking over the garage and start the framing on the second story. We do have rain in the forecast mid-week so there might be some rain delays.

Week 28 – Framing and Trusses

The framing of the first floor continues along with the second floor truss installation.

As you come up the drive, you can see the truss installation.


Here is a shot from where our backyard will be looking into the garage on the left and the flex room on the right.img_1821

Trusses installed on what will be Akash’s room overlooking the trees.img_1819

Here is a shot from the upper terrace looking down. You can really get a sense of the overall structure of the house now.


There are also some samples of the concrete treatment in an area that will be covered with hardwood.


After so many weeks of rain delays in the spring through early summer, it has been really nice to see noticeable progress each week.

Week 27 – First Floor Framing

Lots of progress has been made since our last visit on the first floor framing. You can walk around and get a real sense of the rooms.

Here is a view from about half way up the drive. You can now get a sense of how the final form of the house will look from the street.


Here is a shot from the garage.


This is a view from the driveway looking through to where the living room will be.


We are looking forward to see what the next week brings.