Week 34 – Framing for Windows

I skipped the week 33 post since it was just additional wooden framing that wasn’t so drastic that you could really tell in a picture.

This week, however, is a different story as the steel has been added in the framing in prep for the windows.

Here is a shot from the drive looking at the front of the house.


This is a shot from the kitchen looking out.


Mason blocks are in the living area now. I’m pretty sure these are for the fireplace box.


This is a shot of the garage. You can see the framing on top where the garage deck planters will go.


The framing on the second floor also looks complete and if I can figure out a way to get up there without killing myself, I’ll try and get some pictures.

Author: karcuri13

After many years wanting to start my very own hive, I'm finally taking the plunge and setting up my first urban hive in April.

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