Week 13 – Rain Delay

It has been a rainy spring, and we’ve had multiple thunderstorms since my last post. The site is finally mostly dry and there should be a crew coming back out today to continue work. Here is a shot from the upper terrace. You can still see areas of water.

Most of the trenches for the foundation beams also still have 6-8 inches of water in them.

Starting on Sunday, there are rain chances every day on next week which will, in all likelihood, delay the foundation further. It is times like this when looking at a rending of the site helps you accept the weather challenges and know that it will all be worth the wait.


Week 12 – Backfill Complete

I met our architect and builder over lunch on site to discuss progress and next steps.


The site looks much larger now that all the piles of dirt have been cleared away and the ground leveled.


The biggest item is getting all the retaining walls completely backfilled with dirt.


From the upper terrace, the dirt is now level with the top of the walls.


It is also amazing how much space there is on top now that the dirt has been filled in and a good portion of the brush removed. It is also very sunny and has a completely different feel from the lower wooded portion of the lot. This will make a great area for both edible and flowering plants that just won’t work in the shaded portion of the property. I’ll also have a great place for a few beehives.


Rain is in the forecast for the next week or so, but next steps are starting the remaining excavation work for the house foundation and start forming it up.

Week 12 – Backfill beginning

The work has begun on moving the dirt back behind the retaining walls. The trench has been filled in and the dirt moved into one central pile.


A dirt ramp was also constructed to get to the upper terrace. This picture is the top of the ramp looking down.img_1306

The dirt is about halfway up the wall. They also cleared out a lot of the bamboo and brush on the upper terrace to allow the bobcat access to dump in the dirt.


The next week should consist of backfilling the rest of the wall and then starting the excavation work to start building out the house foundation form.