Week 22 – Foundation forms removed

All the wooden forms have been removed and it now looks like we have the start of a house. Here is the view as you come up the driveway.


Akash was very excited to run around the slab.


Here is a view from the top terrace looking down.


Here is a shot to show the cantilevered slab at the front of the house.


It’s now been seven days so the concrete should be sufficiently cured to start the steel and wooden framing.

Week 21 – Pouring Foundation!

After lots of delay due to weather, the foundation finally got poured today. Due to space constrictions on the top of the site, the concrete had to be pumped up in two stages. Here is a video that shows the top pump truck and the line pipe that goes down the drive to another pump truck where the concrete was initially loaded.

The whole process took about 160 cubic yards of concrete and started at 6:00am. When we went back after lunch, the crew was wrapping up the garage and car port area. Here are a few shots of the finished product.


This was a major milestone and we are happy to have it finally done.