Week 20 – Final site prep

We are nearing the end of the site work before the foundation is poured early next week. The cardboard formwork is in and the steel is installed over it.


There are still a few more sections to wrap up. This is the guest suite that needs to be completed, but the beam work steel is in place and that’s the most time consuming. The horizontal slab steel goes in quickly.


By the end of next week, we should have the concrete poured and then the framing can start.

Week 18 – Plumbing complete

We are back from a week in Orlando over the 4th of July holiday, and we visited the site this morning with the builder.

The good news is the plumbing is complete and inspected. Now that inspection has passed they can start tying in the rebar. Here is a shot from the upper terrace.


Some random shot of the plumbing work.


All the cardboard void forms are also onsite in preparation for the foundation pour. There is a pile up in the storage area and another large one at the bottom of the property.


They are working this weekend and hopefully will get to a point of pouring the foundation at the end of next week.

Week 17 – Foundation Progress

We made it out to the site before the thunderstorms hit. Here is a panoramic shot from where the auto-court will be facing south.IMG_3171 copy

Here is a side by side comparison with the June 15th shot on the left and today’s on the right. You can see the plumbing work on what will be the downstairs master suite and a lot more trenches dug.

Here is a close-up of the plumbing work.


Here is a shot where you can see the trenches with the black plastic forms that will eventually have plumbing and rebar.


There has already been one big thunderstorm today with more in the forecast so we will have to see what that does to the schedule.

Week 16 – Dirt Excavation

We’ve had no rain in the past week so I stopped by at lunch to check on things and was greeted by a giant pile of dirt at the bottom of the lot.


There has been lots of excavation work digging trenches for beams and plumbing and it being moved to the bottom of the site to be hauled away.

Lots of dirt is being moved at what will be the front of the house.


You can really see the progress from the upper terrace of the lot.


And finally, this bamboo wasn’t here last week which just goes to show you how quickly this stuff can grow. Luckily it is only in a small section of the upper terrace but we will have our work cut out for us making sure we keep this invasive plant at bay.


Week 15 – Kitchen & Living Room Renderings

Massive thunderstorms earlier in the week has slowed down progress. A visit to the site yesterday didn’t have enough noticeable changes to make it worth taking pictures. Things were about dried out though and the plumber was scheduled today or tomorrow to start their tasks.

Here are some renderings of the main living area that includes dining, kitchen and living room. Below is a view from the dining room. Off to the left you can see the outdoor patio space.


Here is a view from the living area looking at the kitchen and dining.

Matt+Fajkus+MF+Architecture+Descendant+House+Rendering+Living (1)

These renderings already include the majority of our appliance selections and finishes so it a fairly accurate representation of what it will look like when complete.