Week 14 – Foundation Progress!

Most of the heavy rain occurred over the Memorial Day Holiday weekend and even though there was rain chances every day this week, we didn’t get any significant rainfall.

We now have some significant progress on setting up the forms for the foundation pour. Here is a view from the bottom of the drive.


Here is another at an angle about half way up the drive.


Lots of activity getting the outline of the foundation formed up.img_1377

Another shot of the work.


In addition to the work on the foundation, the upper terrace portion has been cleared out up to the fence line.


At the bottom of the property, the crew removed at lot of invasive species of trees and shrubs and just left the native trees.


It is nice to see some significant progress after the past weeks of rain. Hopefully we can continue this momentum and get this foundation poured by mid-June.

Week 6 – Retaining Wall Steel

The rain has stopped and work is progressing again. When I arrived on Saturday, I was greeted by this sign.


I also noticed we had a new water meter box since our original one was crushed by the rig used to drive in the piles.


At the top of the site, all the structural steel for the retaining walls was almost complete.


These will be some pretty beefy retaining walls since they are right up against our neighbors property line as well as along the back of the lot. There was a crew there finishing up all the steel, and they are on track to pour them on Monday. If I’m able, I may try and swing by and get some video of the pump truck pouring the footings.

Week 3 – Steel Pile Work Complete

Today’s visit didn’t have a lot of excitement like last week, but it was nice to see all the piles in the ground and cut off at the proper height in preparation for the concrete foundation pour.



We met our builder there and they stated that most of the piles went down 20 feet 6 inches before hitting limestone with a handful hitting rock at 9 to 12 feet. Next steps will be to move some of the dirt around and prep the site for the concrete foundation pour. Unless we get any major weather, this should hopefully be completed in the next four weeks.

Week 2 – Foundation Work Started

The original house at 3800 Balcones had serious foundation issues as it was literally sliding the hill (albeit very slowly). The original foundation was slab on grade which was not adequate for the soil conditions in this area.

In order to avoid a similar situation, the foundation will be supported by steel piles that are driven deep into the ground. I ran by the site today and was lucky enough to catch the crew setting up the rig to drive the piles in.

I got to watch them connect all the equipment together before lifting it up in the air. I also got a shot of the long steel piles that will keep the house level.

Here’s a short video of them finally getting the rig put together and lifting into the air.