Week 2 – Foundation Work Started

The original house at 3800 Balcones had serious foundation issues as it was literally sliding the hill (albeit very slowly). The original foundation was slab on grade which was not adequate for the soil conditions in this area.

In order to avoid a similar situation, the foundation will be supported by steel piles that are driven deep into the ground. I ran by the site today and was lucky enough to catch the crew setting up the rig to drive the piles in.

I got to watch them connect all the equipment together before lifting it up in the air. I also got a shot of the long steel piles that will keep the house level.

Here’s a short video of them finally getting the rig put together and lifting into the air.


Week 1 – Site work started!

After waiting so long to get this process started, it is nice to see some actual progress at the site.

Week 0 – Before Pictures

The foundation work is set to start this week so I went out today and took pictures of the site before dirt started getting pushed around.