Week 8 – Retaining Wall Forms

Rain is in the forecast starting on Sunday so we went by the site today before it got all muddy.

There is a small excavator on site with a pile of some sort of fill material.


Here is a shot of the the form for the retaining wall.


Another angle of the wall.


Akash was very excited to sit in the excavator.


Here is a shot of behind the wall.


Better shot of the excavator and fill material.


Week 6 – Retaining Wall Steel

The rain has stopped and work is progressing again. When I arrived on Saturday, I was greeted by this sign.


I also noticed we had a new water meter box since our original one was crushed by the rig used to drive in the piles.


At the top of the site, all the structural steel for the retaining walls was almost complete.


These will be some pretty beefy retaining walls since they are right up against our neighbors property line as well as along the back of the lot. There was a crew there finishing up all the steel, and they are on track to pour them on Monday. If I’m able, I may try and swing by and get some video of the pump truck pouring the footings.